San Diego Israel Retreat 2016

The Second Annual San Diego Israel Retreat exceeded all expectations. 30 UCSD and SDSU students gathered together in an intimate environment at a camp at Julian for community building and empowerment around their mutual passion: Israel. The 2-day event was filled with education on Israeli history, culture, and advocacy with fun activities like a bonfire and Krav Maga in between. Aside from the great student and staff led programming of the event, the most amazing part of the weekend was seeing how the groups of pro-Israel students from UC San Diego and San Diego State connected as a whole. On the bus ride to the campsite, the students were almost completely divided. However, after less than a day, the group became so close, that upon returning from the retreat, the students from the two campuses couldn’t stop planning their next joint gathering. While it would appear that this dual-campus community was formed, quite literally, overnight, the truth is that they all originally had a common passion – Israel. The retreat merely brought them together and gave them an arena to share their knowledge and affinity for Israel. This is the truest illustration of the unity that the State of Israel provides for our community.  We all look forward to see the great things that this group of students can accomplish after this inspiring weekend.

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