Challah for Hunger Hits UCSD

Challah for Hunger has officially hit UCSD’s campus! After noticing that his peers have an inherent interest in social justice, junior Dylan Slater noticed a need to bring some Jewish flavor to the already present focus in making the world a better place. Through intense social networking, he utilized his deep connections to the Jewish community to rally a team of students to bake challah twice a month at the Hillel house. With ties to the Greek community on campus, Dylan quickly established a Board- each with their own diverse communities and backgrounds. Challah baking has been the epicenter of these differing groups of students coming together for a good cause. After cranking out 70 challahs of a variety of flavors and sizes, the Challah for Hunger crew sells them on campus. Proceeds then go to charities focused on hunger relief.

This inspiring program has not only infused Hillel with a drive for community organizing by students, but also it has provided an extremely accessible forum for Jews and non-Jews alike to participate in an activity laden with Jewish history and meaning. UCSD students of all backgrounds have discovered the wonder that is challah and Challah for Hunger continues to make its mark in the mouths and minds of campus-goers.

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