Triton Jewish Leaders: Challah and Wellness and Genetic Screening, Oh My!

It is hard to believe it was only just last Spring that we launched the Triton Jewish Leaders incubator. In the months since, the incubator has grown to include 35 students who are all actively bringing about change on campus and beyond. Each Triton Jewish Leader (or “TJL”) has crafted their own unique initiative targeted to create change within one of the four focus areas: community programming, social activism, Israel engagement and building Jewish life. In less than a year since TJL’s conception, all four of these areas have seen great impact.

Dylan kicked off his initiative very early on last Spring, bringing Challah for Hunger to UC San Diego’s campus. Through this nationwide organization, Dylan and his board (largely composed of other TJLs) raise awareness for social justice causes by bringing together a team of students to bake and sell challah throughout the school year.

Over the summer break, Maddie and Cece joined together to create the internet platform “Soft Spot”, which features a forum to submit anonymous questions and inquiries as well as resources related to sexual health, relationships, and general wellness. Explore their website:

Triton Jewish Leaders Rebecca and Rachel are presidents of Tritons for Israel, which holds frequent outreach and educational events.

October of Fall term, Ilana partnered with JScreen to bring a massive, free genetic screening drive to campus. JScreen is a non-proft community-based public health initiative dedicated to preventing Jewish genetic diseases. Over 100 people joined Hillel and JScreen over the course of the day long drive for both an info session and also the swabbing drive itself.


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